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You decide

Henry Ford said:

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.

This seemingly inconsistent statement reflects one of the most obvious, yet powerful truths about human nature: our future is shaped not only by skills, education, resources, circumstances, luck, etc. but to a high extent by our perception of what we think is possible.

No amount of preparation, support, planning or external help will help, if we internally tell ourselves that we are incapable of something.

And no impediment can stand in a way of a person that knows what they want.

So next time you find yourself asking: “Can I really do that?” – think twice before you answer. Because YOU WILL determine your future.

The ultimate truth about happiness

For centuries – philosophers, spiritual leaders, psychologists, writers, poets and ordinary people tried to answer the question ‘How to achieve happiness?’

There is a shockingly simple answer, attributed to Leo Tolstoy, presented below:

If you want to be happy, be.
Leo Tolstoy / Kozma Prutkov

It might seem trivial or oversimplified, but try to ponder on it for a while. You might quickly realize that it is the most honest and pragmatic pieces of advice one can get to break the vicious circle of waiting for happiness to come from the outside, instead of triggering and discovering it within ourselves.

Happy·ciency Manifesto

Over the years, we have been discovering and studying ways to achieve happiness, well being, work/life balance and true satisfaction. Through this experience we have identified a set of core principles, which we formulated as Happy·ciency Manifesto.

You can find it here.

The most important one states that:

Happiness is a choice, not a state

While we see many ways to achieve happiness, we value the ones listed in the Manifesto more. Many philosophies and approaches focus either on the body, senses or spirit – we claim that happiness at its core means action and commitment in various areas.

We can all choose to be happy and along the way find the best way to achieve that – often by being positive, open, curious, social, health-conscious, productive and ambitious in achieving various goals.