You are what you eat

Every day we are making dozens of health-related decisions when we choose what we eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, during coffee break or as an afternoon snack.

It is quite trivial to say that those little decisions have enormous impact on every aspect of your health, including your daily energy levels, concentration, weight, risk of chronic diseases and overall life expectancy.

In reality, most of us follows habits we acquired many years ago, that are even more reinforced due to lack of time, busy schedules at work, easy access to junk food and often lack of awareness.

The truth is, we can and should avoid excessive consumption of sugar, fat, alcohol, meat and processed products in general.

There are so many alternatives to those unhealthy snacks and habits:

  • Why don’t you try a fresh orange juice tonight, instead of a sweet cola (check out this inspiring book by Joe Cross describing how to reboot your life with fruit and vegetable juices)
  • At work try getting an apple or a banana instead of the chocolate bar you got used to eating
  • Reduce the amount of meat you eat to 2-3 days per week – instead of eating it everyday
  • Next time you go out with friends order a salad or sushi, instead of this burger you always choose
  • In your kitchen or living room keep always a bowl of fresh fruit and nuts so that you can easily grab them when you want a little snack. Throw away all the sweets and sweet drinks that you have accumulated all over the house
  • Next time you celebrate birthday, bring a bag of fruit to the office – instead of the usual pack of sweets

Try to apply those ideas for 4 weeks – you will see gradually that it is actually possible, quite tasty and you should start see first improvements in how you feel and the energy levels you have. If you make those rules your routine, you will see an overall improvement of your health and various blood and body parameters.

The most important step to a truly permanent change is to realize that you have control of your habits and through that over you whole life and future.

1 thought on “You are what you eat

  1. Thanks for the tips! But substituting one form of sugar with another one doesn’t feel right. Most of the fruit you wrote is high in sugar so even if it looks healthier, it is not if you eat a lot of fruit every day.

    Also I’d rather invest my working week eating healthy and get the fatty burger with my friends! Partially because gain sushi may look quite healthy but again you will get lots of starch from the rice.


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