The ultimate truth about happiness

For centuries – philosophers, spiritual leaders, psychologists, writers, poets and ordinary people tried to answer the question ‘How to achieve happiness?’

There is a shockingly simple answer, attributed to Leo Tolstoy, presented below:

If you want to be happy, be.
Leo Tolstoy / Kozma Prutkov

It might seem trivial or oversimplified, but try to ponder on it for a while. You might quickly realize that it is the most honest and pragmatic pieces of advice one can get to break the vicious circle of waiting for happiness to come from the outside, instead of triggering and discovering it within ourselves.

1 thought on “The ultimate truth about happiness

  1. I truthfully think there is a bit more to it. I achieved the ability to be happy in 2010 by grace and I tried many things prior to that including just be-ing. But I admire greatly your efforts to inspire.!


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